Our Services

Lawn Care Services:

  • Mowing: We will keep your lawn looking neat and tidy with regular mowing services.
  • Trimming: We will trim the edges of your lawn and around obstacles for a clean finish.
  • Edging: We will define your lawn's borders to give it a crisp, professional look.
  • Fertilization: We will keep your lawn healthy and green with regular fertilization treatments.
  • Aeration: We will improve your lawn's soil health by loosening compacted soil and allowing nutrients to penetrate deeper.
  • Overseeding: We will replenish bare or thinning areas of your lawn with fresh seed to promote healthy growth.
  • Mosquito Control and Prevention Services: We will treat your property with a professional mosquito repellent that target mosquitoes where they live and control populations within 24 hours.


  • Mulch installation: We will install fresh mulch in your garden beds to improve soil health, suppress weed growth, and add visual appeal.
  • Mulch Refreshing: We will refresh existing mulch by raking it and adding a new layer on top to restore its color and benefits.


  • Leaf Removal: We will clear your property of fallen leaves to prevent them from suffocating your lawn or clogging your gutters.
  • Sprinkler system: We will blowout your sprinkler system to prevent damage to your backflow device and piping. 

    Dump trailer:

    • Job site hauling: When you’re constructing a new building, you need lots of raw materials. We will assist local construction companies by ferrying materials to construction sites. Some of the materials that you might move include bags of concrete, steel, and window glass. Construction jobs always leave their fair share of chaos behind them, we will haul debris and trash away from the place where a new building is being constructed.
    • Junk removal: Are you a hoarder? We will remove and dispose of all unwanted junk.
    • Landscaping supplies: We offer delivery services for property owners and landscaping companies.

    Home Repairs:

    • Irrigation System: We will repair/replace broken sprinkler heads, damaged PVC piping, and leaking backflow valves. 
    • Drywall Repair: We will patch up holes or cracks in your drywall to restore a smooth, seamless finish.
    • Aggregate Driveway Sealing: We will protect and enhance the color of your aggregate driveway against spalling, dusting, efflorescence, freeze-thaw damage, stains, de-icing salts, and abrasion by sealing it with an acrylic resin. 
    • Deck Repair: We will repair or replace damaged boards, rails, or stairs on your deck to ensure its safety and longevity.
    • Fence Repair: We'll fix or replace broken or sagging boards, rails, or posts on your fence to maintain its privacy and security.
    • Security: We will install a surveillance system (wired or wireless) to assist in protecting your property.
    • Gutter Care: We will remove gunk from your gutters. Inspect and repair small leaks and install gutter guards to prevent debris from building up and clogging your system.
    • Landscape Lighting: We will install landscape/garden lights for the enhancement and purpose of safety, nighttime aesthetics, security, and social uses. 

    At Elite Lawn-Care and Services, we are committed to providing top-quality services with eco-friendly practices and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to schedule a service and transform your outdoor space!

    Residential and Commercial welcomed

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